The Mystery Woman Behind the Pharaoh
Tutankamun’s great golden death mask is one of the iconic artefacts of world civilisation. Since its discovery more than 80 years ago its image has appeared on everything from scholarly tomes to T-shirts and bourbon bottles.

So it comes as a ...

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Eton College Returns 454 Antiquities to Egypt
LONDON—England’s Eton College has returned 454 antiquities to Egypt after deciding that many had probably been illegally exported. Included in the collection are ushabti figurines, beads and amulets, textile fragments, potsherds, coins, and other small ...

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Eton College Returns Suspect Antiquities to Egypt
LONDON. Eton College, in the south of England, has returned more than 450 antiquities to Egypt, after it was realised that many had probably been illegally exported. Last month we reported that the main part of the school’s collection, bequeathed to the ...

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Home via Eton College
Following almost four decades in the hands of a private collector in England, a collection of 454 ancient artefacts has been returned to Egypt.

The story of the retrieval of the items began in 2006, when the family of a London-based Egyptologist, ...

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SALON - the Society of Antiquaries of London Online Newsletter
Nicholas Reeves is the Fellow responsible for the website of this week’s headline, which has a rich and detailed account of his own very varied research work, rooted in Egyptology, but extending far beyond. Nicholas is best known for his excavations in ...

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Underground radar searches point to eight undiscovered tombs still hidden in Egypt's storied Valley of the Kings
The Amarna Royal Tombs Project reports two radar searches undertaken in 2000 suggests that hollow spaces underlie two regions of the Valley near King Tut's tomb and a recently-uncovered tomb near King Amenmesse's resting place.

Following a re-analysis ...

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Omm Sety's Egypt
[Extract from Chapter 18, "She Who Waits: Finding Nefertiti"]

(p. 265) "Now, about the tomb of Nefertiti", [Omm Sety] continued, sounding a bit hesitant. "I did once ask His Majesty where it was, and he told me. He said, 'Why do you want to know?' ...

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Une Nouvelle Tombe dans la Vallee des Rois?
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