More on Zahi Hawass's search for Nefertiti
" ... The last important thing I will go with you quickly is what am doing right now in the Valley of the Kings - excavating in the Valley of the Kings, looking for tombs that [are] hidden inside the Valley ...

In front of the tomb of King ...

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SCA to Search for "KV64"
" ... We know that Nefertiti was originally buried with her husband Akhenaten at Amarna and later was moved to Thebes. This winter, the Supreme Council of Antiquities will begin new excavations in the Valley of the Kings. We will start our excavation ...

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Another New Tomb in the Valley of the Kings - "KV64": II
ARTP first encountered evidence of a second anomaly in the central area of the Valley of the Kings in the autumn of 2000, located at a point close to the southeast corner of the modern flood-prevention wall around the Tutankhamun-tomb entrance ...

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Another New Tomb in the Valley of the Kings - "KV64": I
The very real danger now for the Valley of the Kings is that we are living in interesting times (to employ the Chinese curse), with a serious threat of further, more intensive activity at the site than has been witnessed for a century and more. Unless ...

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Observations on the Clearance of KV63
The topic of overwhelming interest for the past several months has naturally been KV63, the excavation of which is now virtually complete. With the dust beginning to settle on that discovery we might usefully consider how the work has gone.

The ...

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Current and Future Work in the Valley of the Kings
The excavations carried out by the Amarna Royal Tombs Project between 1998-2002 were of immense significance - not only for the data the project uncovered but also for the strategy on future work it was possible to formulate on the basis of that information. ...

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KV63 in Context: VI
If ARTP knew about the existence of KV63 as early as 2000 it might reasonably be asked why we did not immediately dig it.

The fact is that our delay was quite deliberate: from the start we took the view that in excavating in the Valley of the ...

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KV63 in Context: V
For ARTP’s 2000 season the decision was taken to test this hypothesis by means of radar. The equipment employed was a custom-built 400 MHz system designed by our Japanese radar specialist, Hirokatsu Watanabe (Terra Information Co Ltd, Yokohama). A difficult ...

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KV63 in Context: IV
Within the space of a few weeks in 1998 ARTP had made an astonishing discovery: that the entire central area of the Valley beneath the modern tourist areas remained completely undisturbed. This was a revelation of the greatest possible significance, since ...

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KV63 in Context: III
The technical limitations of previous work in the Valley had prompted an early and easy decision within ARTP: to replace the outmoded process of ‘clearance’ - little more than a digging of holes, tracing of ground-plans and collection of easily salvageable ...

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