Akhenaten. Egypt`s False Prophet
Nicholas Reeves (Author)
Thames and Hudson (2001)
ISBN 0-500-05106-2
"In the endless procession of Egypt’s pharaonic masters, Akhenaten stands alone. He looks different: his often freakish appearance in art - elongated and effete - is totally at odds with that of the traditional Egyptian ruler-hero. And he appears to have acted differently also - most famously by his abandonment of Egypt’s traditional pantheon in favour of a single god ... Because of his religious reforms, Akhenaten has for long struck a chord in today’s predominantly monotheistic world; and the fact that pharaoh’s revolution ultimately failed has seemed only to confirm his role as an early revealer of religious truth - a power for good. Such a spin, promoted almost a century ago ... is certainly wrong, and now beginning to give way to darker visions. As prophets go, it seems clear that Akhenaten was a false one, and working very much in his own political interest."
From the Preface

"... a racy, irresistible detective story full of hidden clues (and bodies), magic geometry and ruthlessness masked as mysticism" - New York Times

"... a masterful piece of research, which not only brings the subject bang up to date but also poses some new theories that both humanise and empower the pharaoh and manage to move him away from the wilder theories that have dogged him in the past" - Helium

"... Reeves leads the reader adeptly through archaeological finds and the latest research on the Amarna period … entertaining and informative" - The Times Higher Educational Supplement
"... A tremendous read … brings factional division in ancient Egypt vividly to life" - Birmingham Post

"... Reeves`s proposals ... greatly clarify the historical picture and make this work an important contribution" - Review of Biblical Literature

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