Egypt at Highclere: The Second Display 1989-2009
The first display of Egyptian antiquities at Highclere Castle, within the old Music Room on the ground floor, because of its position at the start of the Castle visitor-route was found to cause a visitor log-jam. ...

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Egypt at Highclere: The First Display 1988
The recent (April, 2009) re-launch of the the Egyptian exhibition at Highclere Castle by Lord and Lady Carnarvon represents the third in a line of displays of the Carnarvon family's collection of ancient art, and I wish it every success.

Highclere's ...

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The Diaries of William Joseph Myers
William Joseph Myers (1858-1899) - military officer, traveller and collector - is best known for the fine collection of Egyptian antiquities he bequeathed to his old school, Eton College, in 1899 to form the basis of today's Myers Museum. Gifted to ...

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Catalogue of Egyptian Antiquities in the Myers Museum, Eton College (projected)
Specimen pages from a projected Catalogue of Egyptian Antiquities in the Myers Museum, Eton College, with artwork by Will Schenck and research assistance from Carla Gallorini. These extracts treat a selection of Myers' faience chalices and counterpoises ...

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Pictures of an Exhibition: Memories of the Old Myers Museum at Eton College, 1935-1972
'The MYERS COLLECTION was bequeathed
To the School by Major WJ Myers (CW-D 1872-75)
Adjutant Eton College Volunteers 1898-99
Killed at Farquhars Farm South Africa
30th October 1899'

- text of dedicatory inscription in the ...

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Egyptian Art at Eton College and Durham University (English text)

Some 5,000 years ago, the eternal Nile River wound its way through Egypt and fostered the first great civilization of mankind. The Egyptian pantheon of gods included deified forms of the sun, water and animals; ...

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Aus der Wunderkammer Chiddingstone Castle - Pharaonen, Buddhas, Samurai

Portrait of Denys Eyre Bower
Oil on canvas
20th century
Denys Eyre Bower Bequest 01.2999

Portrait of Denys Eyre Bower painted after his release from prison in 1962, showing the collector ...

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Meisterwerke ägyptischer Kunst. Schätze aus dem Myers Museum am Eton College

1. Rhomboidal palette
Predynastic Period, Naqada I or later, before 3000 BC
ECM 1866

From the earliest periods of settled life in Egypt, eye paint played an important role in the ritual of bodily adornment ...

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CT-scanning the Eton Mummies

The human remains material comprises four mummified heads, five hands and one finger bone attached to a gold fingerstall. The mummified head numbered Eton 2306 gives the appearance of being a young individual and is encased in ...

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